November 21, 2017

As the summer sets in, it is advisable to have your car’s air conditioner checked. The heat of an Australian summer can be really harsh on a car’s ac. Therefore, it is imperative to keep it in proper condition not only for the sake of your car’s health but your health as well. A timely car air conditioning service will enable to achieve maximum passenger comfort, especially on those sweltering afternoons, along with increasing the fuel efficiency.

Let us have a brief overview of how it works. It is a general misconception that auto air conditioner system blows cold air into the car to keep it cool. On the contrary, the system is designed in such a way that the refrigerant captures the hot air from within the car dispelling it to the atmosphere. The liquid used in the car for this purpose usually is R-12(Refrigerant -12).

The air conditioner system is dependent upon various components to function smoothly. The most important parts of a car’s ac are evaporator, compressor and condenser. These parts, just like other mechanical parts, are vulnerable to wear and tear. Regular maintenance through servicing safeguards them from breakdown.

More often than not, the car signals you about the various glitches in AC that occur due to lack of maintenance or otherwise. For instance, if you hear rapid clicking noises at the compressor when the AC is switched on, it indicates that your car is low on refrigerant. Similarly, if there are knocking sounds near the compressor when the engine is running and the AC is off, it could mean that the compressor clutch is not functioning properly and it’s time to visit your car technician.

The garage that you take your car to for car air conditioning service plays a vital role in the maintenance of your car’s air conditioning. It is advisable to visit only a reputed and authorized garage that has a team of skilled and trained technicians who are highly adept in providing quality car air conditioning service. The general items that are included in this service are Air vent temperature check along with inspection of drive bells, pulleys, valves, thermostats and filler. If any of these parts are found to be faulty, the mechanic will suggest replacing them immediately.

Also system line and components will be thoroughly examined to see if there is any leakage. Other aspects include cleaning of condenser fins and sanitization of the system to prevent it from harmful bacteria and fungus.

According to the experts a car needs a change in its air conditioning system every two years on an average for it to function properly. Therefore, if your car hasn’t had air conditioning service for more than two years or is showing any signs of trouble in the AC system, try visiting a trustworthy auto garage as soon as possible.

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