November 21, 2017

You’ve made the big decision: it’s time to buy a motorcycle. You’ve done your research and you basically know what style, and maybe even what particular model you want. Now, it’s time to head to the showroom and make a deal! Before stepping foot into your local motorcycle dealer, keep this in mind: prices are often non-negotiable… particularly on popular models.

Motorcycle dealers do not work with the same high profit markets as car dealers, and are much less capable of making a better deal than what’s listed on the price tag. But, slow-selling models (those usually on sale) sometimes have a bit of negotiation room. And, of course, you’re always free to try and get a few accessories (helmets, gloves, maintenance) thrown in to seal the deal.

The good news is that motorcycle dealerships are not nearly as stressful to deal with as their automobile counterparts. The salesmen at these dealerships usually aren’t very pushy, so it may be up to you to ask a lot of questions.

Many dealerships don’t allow test drives, but they should at least permit you to sit on the bike you’re considering and start the engine.

When checking over a bike consider these important factors:

-Whether or not the seat is comfortable.
-If the handlebars are comfortable.
-If your knees rest neatly on either side of the gas tank.

Next, it’s time to check the engine. Rev it up! Take notice to see if it features a nice smooth feel at high RPM’s, or if it feels buzzy instead.

Also, consider the weight. Does it seem like it will be easy to control? Can you easily pick it up off of the ground?

Now take note of this important tip: don’t buy any bike on your first visit! Even if you’ve fallen in love with it! Always check out bikes form a few different manufacture’s before making this all-important decision.

Once you’ve made your final decision, return to the dealership of your choice and choose from their current inventory.

While price haggling usually isn’t an option for bike buyers, trying to get a few free bies thrown is isn’t out of the question – especially if you are a cash buyer. Of course, most dealers now offer their own financing options, so if you don’t have the cash upfront, you can still purchase the bike of your dreams.

As you can see, buying a motorcycle is a bit different from buying a car – but it can also be a lot easier, quicker and much less of a hassle! Now, get out there and find yourself the bike of dreams.

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