November 21, 2017

Nitro RC cars are one of the fastest growing hobbies. They’re really good fun and also an edcuational tool if you’re either learning about mechanics or engines, or want to teach a child how engies work. As they use a simple 2-stroke engine there’s a dergee of complexity but not computer controlled like modern cars are. Nitro RC Cars produce a ton of noise and get up to some amazing speed like on this video.

1. Type of RC To Buy

There’s lots of types of Nitro RC car out there. These ranage from touring cars (like BMW’s) to buggies (such as the HoBao Hyper 7 TQ2) and truggies… which are a mixture of a truck and a buggy. I went for a Hyper 7 TQ 2 buggy.

Why? Well the advantages buggies have over other types of RC car is they can be used on tarmac but they’re equally at home on sand, grass, dirt or grit. Road cars are amazing on tarmac but can’t be used on anything but tarmac. This seriously limits where you can use your car.

Truggies are fun but oftern large and not all that good on tarmac. If you’re transporting your car you want to keep it quite small as you’ll need to take your toolkit with you.

2. Cost of Nitro RC Car

RC nitros range from about 200 to over 1000 pounds. I went for the 260 pound Hyper 7 as you’ll need to make sure you have other elements before you get moving. The radio controlled elements of the buggy needs batteries (usually 12 as these go in the car and the transmitter). You’ll need a fuel bottle to transfer the fuel to the fuel tank and fuel itself (currently about 26 pounds a gallon).

You’ll also need to get afteruse engine oil and air filter oil. An example of air filter oil and why you need it can be found on this link.

3. Spares

As with all engines things can break. You’ll need to take into account getting a RC Nitro Car which you can get bits for you break. I’ve broken all sorts from bits of engine, pull start, wheels and aerials. You’ll do this when crashing the car or simply through lack of practice. An example of a bit of engine I broke can be found here. The engine button is where the glow plug goes and I de threaded it.

4. Where to Use It

Where you live will depend on where you can use the Nitro RC. One of the amazing things about RC Nitro cars is the noise. For an example of the awesome noise Nitro RC card make check out this link.

This does mean that you can’t really use the Nitro RC in a built up areas unless you have very understanding neighbours. Try and find some land with a good mixture of surfaces on it (hence why I chose a buggy).

The link above shows an area near a beach with a bit of tarmac and sand on it. There’s not many people about to hit. This is something you do need to take into account. Avoid roads or anywhere with too many people, dogs or kids.

The best bit of advice I was give was if you don’t want attention don’t buy a nitro RC car. Get an electic one. You’ll literally have people coming upto you asking what it is, how much it is and if they can have a go.

5. Upgrading Your Nitro RC

Buying a slightly cheaper Nitro but being able to upgrade it is ideal. It’ll let you customise literally anything. First thing is the wheels. These are cheap and make a massive difference depending on where you’re using it. Factory fitted wheels tend to be cheap and work on a variety of surfaces. Always change your wheels depending on the type of terrain you’re using.

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