November 21, 2017

Whether you passed your test a while ago and you haven’t got round to buying a car or you’ve been driving for years but you simply haven’t driven in a while, it’s important that you are confident that your driving standards are still up to scratch before getting back behind the wheel. We’ve put together a few top tips for those who are feeling a little nervy about hitting the roads after such a long break from driving.

Why is confidence key?

When it comes to driving, confidence is vital, especially as many accidents are caused by hesitancy and indecisiveness. If you suddenly feel nervous and uneasy after hopping back into the car after a long break from driving then this will only impact your driving ability and put other road users at risk.

You need to remember that driving isn’t a chore; as soon as you feel stressed and somewhat apprehensive then you’ll know straight away that you need to get some practice in. If it’s been a few years since you’ve driven then you may have forgotten a few important rules of the road and your road awareness might not be quite what it used to be. If this is the case then it may be worth taking a refresher course.

Get insured

If you’re a new driver and you don’t have a car just yet then consider getting insured on the family car and get one of your family members or friends to help advise you as you drive. Having someone there to reassure you will automatically give you that confidence boost you need.

Whatever your circumstances, can provide a car insurance policy for all makes and models of cars. Visit our car insurance page for more information.

Refresher courses

Refresher courses are incredibly popular amongst new drivers, but they’re also great for those who have picked up bad habits, as they are a sensible way to get back into good driving habits.

Refresher courses are designed to help drivers become for confident, safe and road aware and usually assist with night driving, motorway driving, roundabouts, parking, speed awareness and various other aspects of driving.

These courses are extremely beneficial to those who have put driving on the back burner, especially as they update your driving skills and allow you to receive advice from a professional driving instructor.

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