November 21, 2017

Let’s say you already have a car in mind you want to buy, but as soon as you arrive at the dealership lot the car salesman seems to be intent on selling you something else, a model that you would never even consider to own. Car dealers can be pesky, and most of us would like to know exactly how to handle used car dealers without having to throttle them! Some salesmen refuse to negotiate or lower their prices, no matter how questionable their pricing is. So, how exactly do you deal with them in a sticky situation? Here are some useful tips!

Know how much you can spend. For most used-car buyers, their choices are limited according to how much they can shell out for a car. This is okay. Don’t forget that budgeting for a car should also include maintenance and repair costs, and of course, fuel allowance. When you’ve come up with a price margin, you can check out consumer sites such as to see current market prices for used cars. You can also browse through’s used car stock list to see what cars you can buy with that amount. If you’re firm about your budget limit, the salesman will have no choice but to give in.

For those who are driven more by a specific vehicle need (such as “being able to seat seven persons”), you can do some Internet research to know what exactly what kinds of cars will meet your needs. Next, check out the dealerships’ websites and see their stocks up for sale, and if you see a car that fits your requirements that is also within your price range, call up the dealership and ask if that particular unit is still available. That way, you can avoid the sales talk and get down to business (do you ever wonder how other people knew about how to handle used car dealers who talk incessantly?). Knowing the market prices of the cars you’re interested in also gives you an edge when you negotiate prices later.

The third tip on how to handle used car dealers has something to do with haggling. As a general rule, you should always wait for the salesman to make his offer first. Don’t tell him about your budget limit just yet! The salesman may offer a lower or higher price than what was originally advertised, so be ready to haggle. Let the salesman offer his best quote and then you can take the lead by lowering the price. This way, you’ll have a better deal for the car.

The last tip if you are having a particularly difficult time negotiating with a salesman is to just walk away. If he seems to be wasting your time going around in circles about a deal, or offering additional options you’ve already said you don’t want, just walk away. Sometimes this act makes the salesman (or the manager, when he hears about it) change his mind, and give in to your offer. Indeed, one of the best tips on how to handle used car dealers is simply leaving the dealership for another—why go through all that stress when you can go to another, more cooperative company? Try buying from tradecarview instead—it’s Japan’s largest online network of used car dealers—and have a whole army of pre-owned cars right at your fingertips. No pesky sales talk too.

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